Trouble emailing Gmail accounts? Hosted with IONOS?

Solving Gmail Bounce Back Issues with Ionos MX Records and SPF Settings

Are your emails bouncing back when sent from an Ionos hosted domain to Gmail? Fret not, because we have a solution for you! Gmail bounce backs can be frustrating, but with the right MX records and SPF settings, you can ensure your emails reach their destination without a hitch.

The frustrating issue is having a client email you from Gmail and your response just bounces back. You receive an emal that looks complicated and full of jargon. Just not helpful. We often notice these issues when website building platforms are used, such as Wix. The URL lacks key information (listed below) to allow your email to be received.

Locate your DNS records for your domain on your website hosted platform and check if the records below exist. If they do not, add them. You can then test the result by emailing a Gmail account and confirming the recepient has received.

Step 1: MX Records Configuration

MX (Mail Exchange) records are crucial for email delivery. Here’s how to set them up in your Ionos account:

  • Type: MX
  • Host Name: @
  • Value:
  • Priority: 10
  • TTL (Time To Live): 1 hour
  • Type: MX
  • Host Name: @
  • Value:
  • Priority: 20
  • TTL: 1 hour

These MX records direct email traffic to Ionos servers, ensuring reliable delivery.

Step 2: SPF Settings Configuration

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) settings are equally important. They help prevent email spoofing and improve deliverability. To set up SPF for Ionos, follow these steps:

  • Value: v=spf1 ~all
  • Type: TXT
  • TTL: 1 hour

This SPF record allows Gmail to recognise your Ionos hosted domain as a legitimate sender.

With these MX records and SPF settings correctly configured, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of Gmail bounce back issues.

If you are in need of assistance with this setup, Serrano Web is here to help. Contact us at, and we will guide you through the process or handle it for you.

Say goodbye to Gmail bounce back frustration and hello to smooth email communication!

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