Serrano Care is there to help you

Ensuring smooth operation of any business is key. Technical delays can frustrate the most capable of businesses and the people within.

Serrano Care has been developed to take care of those issues. Have you ever wondered why technical challenges often seem to have some of the simplest solutions once resolved? But yet they can exaggerate emotions and ricochet throughout your organisation. 


This is where we come in. Let Serrano Care help you find those resolutions, quickly and efficiently. 


To find out how Serrano Care works, scroll down. 

How Does Serrano Care work? 

Serrano Care technical support starts from £35 per month. For a low cost payment you can utilise our support services. This is not limited to computers, but anything you have that might constitute technical support. Some examples of this could be integrating your calendar with your new iphone, adding a layer of automation to processes or identifying system blocks and defective technology. 

There are no hidden fees to our support, no contract and you can access it via phone or email. 

To talk to us about Serrano care please give us a call on 01386 684008 or email