Owner Managers – Why Building Your Own Website Is A Mistake

We help businesses gain an online presence. Actually we don’t help, we do. Many talented, entrepreneurial business owners also do the same. In fact, the self build website industry is now huge. Wix and WordPress have done an exceptional job with bringing website design to the masses. However I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t build your own website and I’m going to tell you why I think you should let us do so for you.

You might be wondering why I am using a picture of a tumbleweed? Put it this way, “if you build it, they won’t come”. There are more websites in existence that have zero traffic, zero purpose, zero use, than there are those that dominate the industry they are in. A tumbleweed, a fitting analogy for those websites lost and now their only record might be one on Way Back Machine. Is that where you want your website to end up?

Go on, take a look at Wix, it looks super easy. And its cheap! I’ve lost count of the amount of websites I have seen that have the standard Wix URL. Considering it costs next to nothing to buy a URL and a Wix premium package is low cost, I am dumbfounded by the amount of websites that do not display a proper web address. What does that say to your customers? You don’t open a retail shop and put up a sign advertising the sign company before your own business do you?

While building your own website can be an appealing idea, there are several reasons why it might not be the best approach for your business.

Unless you have experience in web design and development, building a website from scratch can be challenging. (That is why they made Wix right?) It requires technical skills, including knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as experience with design and user experience (UX) principles. A website that doesn’t look professional or function properly can harm your business’s credibility and turn potential customers away. We have all been there, you click on that website for that in town business and find it just doesn’t work. You click contact us and nothing happens. You give up and use the multinational that is oozing buy from me at every corner.

Creating a website takes time and effort, which can distract you from other essential business tasks. Even if you use a website builder or content management system (CMS), you will still need to spend time learning how to use the software, selecting and customising templates, creating content, and optimising for search engines (SEO). Additionally, maintaining and updating a website requires ongoing effort, including security updates, content updates, and user experience improvements. Your online profile is a living breathing thing. Own a premises? What happens if you leave it looking the same all year round?

While building your own website may seem like a cost-saving measure, it can actually end up being more expensive in the long run. You’ll need to invest in tools and software, such as a domain name, hosting, and a website builder or CMS. If you make mistakes or run into technical issues, you may need to hire a developer to fix them, which can add to the cost.

Building a website on your own can result in a website with limited features and functionality. Many website builders and CMS platforms have limitations, and you may not be able to customize your website to the extent that you want. This can be especially problematic if you need specific features, such as e-commerce functionality or custom forms.

When you build your own website, you’re responsible for troubleshooting and resolving any technical issues that arise. If you’re not experienced in web development, this can be a daunting task. Additionally, if you use a website builder or CMS, you may have limited support options if you run into issues or need help.

Building your own website can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially if you don’t have experience in web development. It can result in a website with limited functionality and features, and may end up costing you more in the long run. Working with a professional web developer or agency can save you time and effort, result in a more professional-looking website, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

There are some exceptional websites out there built on Wix and WordPress. (Other CMS systems are available.) In fact we use both Wix and WordPress. The thing is, there is making do and making it happen. If you want to find out what ‘it’ is, get in touch, caution, we aren’t called Serrano for nothing. Spice is mandatory.

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